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Through my collages, I express my thoughts, inspire people and tell stories.

I am globetrotting stylist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
A vintage lover with a passion for photography and collaging.

Asbury Park, New Jersey (USA September 2013)

Asbury Park, New Jersey (USA September 2013)

At a very young age, I started to travel with my parents. Travelling became my first passion and I took many photographs on these journeys.

Through a training in photo styling, my love for cutting and pasting started.
At first, I combined flying as a stewardess for a living, alongside freelance photo styling.

My desire to create images grew further. I wanted to express my thoughts, inspire people and tell stories through a creative process. Making collages came naturally to me.

I work from a place of freedom, because everything is possible in my surreal paper world. When I create my collages, I have a pile of magazines spread out all around me.
I use various types of magazines, but my favourite ones are vintage copies, which I gather along my trips.

Browsing through the magazines, I rip out the images, that catch my eye and put them together to feel if they can tell a story. From that story I filter the pictures, which I want to use and cut them out with precision. I play around with these paper figures until an interesting, attractive and cohesive collage with a message or a theme arises. That’s the moment to paste a new surreal world together and to let it go, so it can tell its own tale.

The result is presented here. I hope my stories inspire you!